Nasty Gal steals from Up-and-Coming Designer


It is a known fact cheap teen retailers such as Forever 21 re-sell low quality versions of both high-end and indie designer work to serve the girls who cannot afford the real thing. What many do not know is that these “cheaper” versions of designer favorites are not the result of an incredible partnership. Forever 21 has a fully staffed legal department, that deals with lawsuits and attacks from designers who Forever 21 steals from. What is even more shocking is that LA-Based Nasty Gal, is slowly falling into the same categorie

Nasty Gal, who started out selling vintage finds on Ebay, Craigslist and Myspace, and now sells designer brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, was caught stealing a design, right off the runway from designer Ermelinda Manos.

According to Ermelinda, She met the Nasty Gal team in March 2013 during #LAFW private runway show for Ermelinda Manos Designs, where she was complimented for her designs by the Nasty Gal team, almost 10 months later Nasty Gal released what seems to be an exact replica of one of the dresses that was showcased that night. (Photo Below, EM on the left, Nasty Gal on the right)


After Ermelinda tried to raise awareness to the knock off via instagram, the fashion brand immediately blocked her from the social media platform. The resemblance between both dresses is undeniable, and it really makes us sad to see a brand that is doing so well in a demographic that is filled with artists and designers, turn around and steal from a girl who is just trying to make a living off of what she loves to do. What Nastygal is doing “affects real desginers who sketch by hand, create their own patterns, create their own hand made designs, and put months of work into these collections” and the reality is, many fashion designers who are victims of companies such as Forever 21, live design by design. These talented fashion designers, invest every penny they make into creating beautiful clothes to create fashion shows, in hopes of being noticed by buyers and investors, and it is really a shame that multi million dollar companies camp at these heartfelt events to steal not only concepts but complete outfits.

If you are as angry as we are, we invite you to share this article and spread the word. As many of you know, we created this magazine to help artists, and to raise awareness to events like these.

Please check out Ermelinda Manos’ designs below, and help us #BoyCottNastyGal #KnockoffGal







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