ACTRESS TINA JETTER by Nick Christophers



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by Nick Christophers


Tina has devoted her time and energy to the acting / producing game for a while. Her credits run from 2004 to the present. Tina’s desire to be in front of the camera and behind it in a creative way has been evident since the beginning. Hailing from Stamford, CT she had to start from somewhere by cutting her teeth in her first short entitled “Destiny”playing the young embattled character young Destiny.

Her talents include directing, editing and cinematography. She has acted in at least over twenty projects in her short time in the film game. Tina attended the well-known American Musical and Dramatic Academy to hone her skills which have become evident through her film career. As she progressed in the field she landed lead roles in various projects like “Mommy Loves Me” directed by Joy Yang, “Rivers Wash Over Me”directed by John Young, and “LoveTha’ Brotherhood: A George Tillman Jr. Story” directed by Shaheed Shaheed Hooper.

In addition, she had produced the film“The News” and wrote the screenplay for the project“Bad Judgment” which she won a best actress award for. Eventually she would release her first feature film that she wrote and directed entitled “Saving You, Saving Me”. This year has been a busy year for her as she landed a role in the TV series “Platinum Dreams” playing the character Laura Thomas. She appeared in four of their episodes as Laura and prior to that she worked on six projects in 2017 alone.

Currently, she completed a feature film entitled “A Husband’s Lethal Intentions” where she plays the character Jenika. Only recently did it win “Best Indie Feature” at the LA Film Awards in January 2018. It was a big honor for her especially in a festival of that magnitude.

“A Husband’s Lethal Intentions was quite an experience! From start to end there was never a dull moment! Working with my co-stars Anthony and Emperor was such a joy! With Anthony I loved how we could really connect with our characters in some way which really helped with the acting portion and with Emperor, he made me feel like I was in my youth, they were both such a joy to be around. All in all, I have no regrets with this project and if I had to I wouldn’t change a single thing!”

Tina has devoted herself to the business of acting and directing and feels strongly that her “big moment” is around the bend. She has also played lead roles in projects like “Secret Guilt”directed by Lynda Hinder, “A Sub in the City”directed by Deniro Crystal Simmons, “Kid Sister”directed by Laine Zipoy and Phil Newsom and “Friends of Rome”directed by an Award-winning director, Gaba Ado.

There is no telling what lies ahead for the talented Tina Jetter. But the stars are due to a line especially for her recent project “A Husband’s Lethal Intentions”. Stay in touch with her works by visiting the site below.

Giselle Campos or better known as Giselle Lelux online is a fashion blogger, writer, designer and influencer. With the help of Robert Guida, Giselle transformed RG Magazine to not only inspire up-incoming artists but to also showcase and put in the best light all of the amazing talent coming out of New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and more. Giselle has experiencing launching many brands and loves being able to bring her passion for everything art and fashion forward with Rg Magazine when she is not blogging in her City Fashion Blog or Instagram.

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