Dorothy Meyers has been at the acting game for over ten years and has managed to reach a different level year after year.  First,she started off as a model and as she went through that part of her life, she began to realize she wanted to move up somehow. Well, acting began to call out to her as the next journey in her entertainment mission. As a young lady she was always in love with TV and what it can offer. Hence, she developed a passion for TV and film.


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Soon enough after being told by many professionals and non-professionals that she should try her talents in acting she made the move. At first, she was offered background work while taking acting classes. This eventually led to auditions and many roles to follow. She began her acting career in 2010 with small parts whereas now she has been a sought-after talent.

Dorothy has done TV, film and even theatre during her ten years in the business. For TV she has not only been in commercials but also TV programs to this day. Most people do not know what it takes to be in a commercial and she has a few under her belt. We asked her the difference between doing a commercial opposed to acting in a show.

For a commercial they want to see your personality, be yourself and have fun with it.

Acting on a TV Show you are basically becoming that other person, literally.

Her talent was soon noticed and was offered to host shows like Trenton Now and also appeared on the Rachel Ray Show. When she had a chance to host the Trenton Now show she was a bit intimidated at first but found her rhythm and realized she only had to be herself. She followed that up with modeling jeans on FOX News and for PIX 11 News (The Ave web-series). TV was her home as she began to soon realize. She was in her element. The amount of work she has notched over the years is too long to mention but there are highlights like when she played the character Harvette, in “Stalked The Harvette Williams Story” on ID Channel, Madam Floor Person in “The Perfect Murder”, Kim Worthington on “The Real Story with MES” and in Re-occurring parts in 6 Web-series (2 on TV, 4 YouTube).

As we mentioned earlier, she had also done theatre work. She had a part in James Franco’s version of “Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams. When she performed during the show, she never realized that James Franco himself was watching the whole show. This was because she was so nervous, she did not realize he was there. But nevertheless, she aced the part. When it comes to film she has appeared in projects like “The Fearless Two”, “TONES” and “Providence” (indie film). Other people in the industry have acknowledged her work and welcomed her into their circle. An example of this fact is that she will be attending a special event for Hip Hop Museum’s Pop Up Experience Grand Induction Ceremony of MC Sha Rock this coming Feb 1st.

We must also note that Dorothy was a former Ambassador for the NBC People’s Choice Awards. Currently, she has a full plate for 2020 with the film project “Luminary Icon, The Mc Sha Rock Story” and seven different web-series she will appear in (Triangle, Davenport Diaries, The Ave, Jersey the Series, Mistake, Makeup x Breakup (now streaming on BET) and In Our Backyard).

“I’m excited about starting to film, more details coming soon. Most of the projects, I figured I would do re-occurring roles so I’m able to leave myself open for other projects. Now I am ready to take a leap into more supporting and lead roles. I never imagine in a million years I would be working a full-time job for 20 years, a part time job and acting on all these different web-series amongst other acting projects. At the end of the day there is no excuse for anyone to say “I can’t do that” none. Soon, I won’t have to juggle as much. Can’t stop won’t stop.”

Dorothy Meyers is a hustler in the true sense of the word and a living example of what she said “you can do anything when you put your mind to it.” Keep a look out for her on TV and the big screen.

More details on Hip Hop Museum at:

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