Why Ariana’s new music video is a “problem”

I am not going to lie, ever since the mp3 for “Problem” was released, I have anxiously waited for the music video, and have gotten my “problem” fix through different venues and ways. I have probably looked at every photo Ariana has instagram, and every video preview she has released along with every live performance […]

Fashion has officially arrived to San Diego

Throughout the years many San Diego fashionistas have been forced to spread their wings elsewhere in the hunt of a fashion-forward career or lifestyle, because of the lack of a fashion scene in San Diego – until now. Its official, the first week of October is and will always be San Diego Fashion Week, and we […]

Katy Perry dresses up as a 80 year old flapper for new music video

Katy Perry just released the official music video for her song “Birthday”, and we are pretty confused/in love. The song is catchy, and the video brings a smile to our hearts. The music video for the song features Katy Perry dressed up as a snobby princess, a 80 year old sexy flapper, and a clown […]

Sky, racist? AS IF!

Our favorite blonde fashionista has released the official music video for the new single “I blame myself” and we are kind of obsessed. I blame myself, is probably one of the best, If not the best, track off of “Night time, my time”, the song is edgy, emotional and hard hitting. In the music video […]

Warped Tour 2014

Guess what kids? Our favorite summer festival is just around the corner! If you haven’t already, check out the amazing line up, and dates below. We cannot wait to rock our summer clothes, hats and Marialia heart-shaped sunglasses at this year’s Warped tour! What are you wearing? Drop us a comment.. we want to know! […]

The Neighbourhood // Le Tour Noir

This past weekend our good friend and talented photographer, Kylie Rebecca, took a quick trip from Nashville to Memphis to cover The Neighbourhood‘s current headlining tour. This is her fourth time shooting the notorious pop noir band; who never cease to amaze in their performance and beloved black & white vision. “As soon as the […]

We are in the Crowd – The Best Thing (That Never Happened)

A couple of years we had the had the pleasure to meet some of the members of “We are in the crowd”, and fell in love at first listen, so it is no surprise the RG team did a little happy dance when we realized the band not only had a new music video out, […]

Chasing Safety // Release Video for “We Believe”

Fresh starts come in a variety of forms, and are sometimes just the catalyst needed to propel an entity forward towards its ultimate goal. With every other affect in place, a name change was the last order of business for five musicians to be able to shed the past and present themselves to the world […]

Stages & Stereos //

In an age where music can so passively be consumed, it takes more than a catchy tune to grasp the attention of listeners. The growing awareness to deliver a complete package has begun to spark a resurgence of art back into the music community; with an attentive and creative eye being placed on the songs, […]

Nasty Gal steals from Up-and-Coming Designer

It is a known fact cheap teen retailers such as Forever 21 re-sell low quality versions of both high-end and indie designer work to serve the girls who cannot afford the real thing. What many do not know is that these “cheaper” versions of designer favorites are not the result of an incredible partnership. Forever […]

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