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GGG has been around for many years serving golf enthusiasts in many ways. They have catered to every golf players needs on the course. But they have also played a big part in the charitable community. Whether it is for a children’s charity or for bringing awareness to a certain medical issue, Green Girls Golf has been there to devote their time and effort. GGG was the brain-child of CEO, Sophia Manolis whose resume reads like that of a celebrity.

She has been involved in many facets of the entertainment industry but found her love for golf as an avenue to tap into in a creative way. Hence, she founded Green Girls Golf which was set up to act as a company that caters to the avid golfer. Sophia looked beyond the golf outings to expand company in a more charitable way.

She along with the many beautiful ladies who work as caddies wished to make a difference with their skills. Sophia then began to offer their services as an addition to events where raising funds for a good cause came into play. Only recently did GGG connect with ex-NFL great Ron Jaworski (Philadelphia Eagles) who runs his own organization called Jaws Youth Playbook. His organization is set up to promote youth wellness and health and offer children an opportunity to enjoy sports and socialize in a positive environment.

GGG eventually had a chance to work with Ron and hosted an event along with Jaws Youth Playbook which turned out to be a touchdown. Sophia was more than happy to bring her ladies and play apart in the charitable event. Caddies like Stephanie Moscatello and Taylor O’ Hare worked with Jaws Play Book and made a lasting impression. They did a great job in making the golfers happy and enthusiastic in donating their time. They made sure to take pictures with the golfers and educate them about the great cause they are spreading in the world of golf. The girls are very happy and pleased to be a part of a great cause and a foundation for children.

When it comes to the Green Girls Golf Hostesses and Caddies they take pride in learning and achieving their educational goals. These two particular caddies are in college right now and know that learning is imperative for success and the ability of achieving what you want out of life.

“I’ve hired Green Girls Golf for 4 years now to work my golf tournament and the girls are an absolute blast! They are great at interacting with all of our guests and help fill the bank at the end of the day. If you are looking to spruce up an event these girls are a great add,” said Trish Yerkov (sister of Ron Jaworski).

It is no surprise that GGG was a hit with the Jaws Playbook team and many others like them. GGG is not merely a sports centered organization but a multi-faceted service for any notable cause. To learn more visit them at

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