Smith, or better known as Glam, who hails from the scenic country of Scotland, is on a mission to take the States by storm with her overwhelming talent. To be in her company and watch her work a room is amazing. She is full of life and vigor that just electrifies anyone. From a young lady she was a lover of music so singing was her first stab into the entertainment world.


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She would pursue singing when she entered the UK X-Factor in 2007 and the UK Voice in 2016. Her style of singing is unlike most artists nowadays, her song list consist of either big ballads or 1940’s war songs like The Mood”, “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, “Chatanooga Cho Choetc. She performs these tracks on YouTube videos that many enjoy watching. Her style is very unique and rare to find in today’s music. In each video you get a glimpse of her outgoing personality.

“I did a live interview with one of my American friends around X-mas last year; she asked me why the 40’s and 50’s Pin up years? My answer was it’s the best era when ladies were ladies, covered up in dapper clothes showing off their stunning but hidden curves, it’s timeless Fashion it’s so sensual, believe it or not I have so much respect from my male fan base! They absolutely love it especially when I do British and American 1940s pin up photoshoots with the outfits on.”

Besides singing she has also modeled on many runways. She has taken part in fashion shows on the London catwalk and attended numerous shows through the years. Being noticed at these shows landed her many photoshoots with some of the most influential photographers in London. Along with fashion, music and modeling she has acted as well. She became popular among the social circle of London actors and actresses. The same can be said for the entertainment contacts she has made in New York. Only recently she is due to work on a film entitled “The War of The Fallen” which she will be working alongside actor Alex Reid. The film is being directed by award winning short film director Aisleen Hodges (Blackcats & Bankers).

Charline made it her business to utilize social media to boost her visibility. It worked as she created a world-wide fan base and worked with many influential photogrpahers.  Yet it seemed she fell in love with the heartbeat of New York. In her last visit to Manhattan in 2017 she not only was featured in the press but was also a Judge at one of the city’s fashion shows.

“The min I started walking around Manhattan everyone started stopping me saying how stunning I am, it made me fell alive it made me feel that I belong here. I can be myself in NYC. Scotland is very judgmental a lot of the people are not as open. I get bullied quite a lot for being different. So this is why NYC is for me, I can grow even more into a beautiful strong lady…I can be myself!! So this is why my heart belongs in Manhattan.”

She has also become a strong advocate for the armed forces especially for Veterans.

Charline would take it one step forward by spearheading projects that would benefit veterans. She started a funding page on social media doing wartime photoshoots and the money she raised was for the “Help For Heroes” fund, in all she donated $700. In 2015 she released a calendar that generated $2000 which was donated to a Homless organization.  At that point she developed a name for herself as Charline Glam Smith. Glam, being the old-time Glamour that made such icons like Raquel Welch, Jane Russell, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor popular.  It seems at this point in 2018 Charline wants to settle in Manhattan and build on her brand.

For her NYC is the place to take one notch further in the entertainment world. Let’s not forget she is also a single mother or three children. That is a lot to handle when you are trying to juggle a career in the entertainment industry. Yet she is more than just determined to seal a contract with anything from fashion, music, film or TV. Her goal is to bring her unique style to NYC in a permanent way. In turn she also wants to keep alive the dying breed of Old-time Hollywood Glamour. She is a rare entertainer and someone everyone should experience once. Keep up with her work on her Facebook page at

Giselle Campos or better known as Giselle Lelux online is a fashion blogger, writer, designer and influencer. With the help of Robert Guida, Giselle transformed RG Magazine to not only inspire up-incoming artists but to also showcase and put in the best light all of the amazing talent coming out of New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and more. Giselle has experiencing launching many brands and loves being able to bring her passion for everything art and fashion forward with Rg Magazine when she is not blogging in her City Fashion Blog or Instagram.

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