Fashion has officially arrived to San Diego

Throughout the years many San Diego fashionistas have been forced to spread their wings elsewhere in the hunt of a fashion-forward career or lifestyle, because of the lack of a fashion scene in San Diego – until now. Its official, the first week of October is and will always be San Diego Fashion Week, and we […]

Nasty Gal steals from Up-and-Coming Designer

It is a known fact cheap teen retailers such as Forever 21 re-sell low quality versions of both high-end and indie designer work to serve the girls who cannot afford the real thing. What many do not know is that these “cheaper” versions of designer favorites are not the result of an incredible partnership. Forever […]

Warped Tour Ventura

As many as you now know from reading previous issues of RG, we love discovering talent, and we love going to Warped Tour, so what better way to start our sneaky Summer Issue previews, than with some Warped Love? Below you will find something a little different than what we usually post each year.. this […]

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