Hack Your Health Habits… By Nick Christophers

IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO BE AT AN IDEAL WEIGHT, HAVE TONS OF ENERGY AND FEEL GREAT? By Nick Christophers As the headline states, an impossible idea some would say, right? However, in her new book, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp “Hack Your Health Habits—Simple, Action-driven, Natural Health Solutions For People On The Go!” – asks that […]


MARC ZAPPULLA OFFERS A LOOK INTO THE BOSTON WATERFRONT WITH HIS NEW BOOK “THE LAST LONGSHOREMAN” by Nick Christophers Marc Zappulla has just catapulted us back to a life-style very few of us are privy to with his new release “The Last Longshoreman”. Not since Marlon Brando’s marquee performance with “On The Waterfront” there hasn’t […]

The Ease of Access By Jeff Musillo “A Must Read!” A review by Alex Montaldo

  A couple of weeks ago, a friend handed me a book and said ‘You should read this. It’s fantastic and incredibly entertaining’. That book was ‘The Ease of Access’ by Jeff Musillo. My friend, whose taste I trust completely, couldn’t have been more right! Matter of fact, The Ease of Access is fantastic and […]

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