Style Syndicate NYC 2.0 Fashion Digest CATCISTA’S BOUTIQUE “Vintage Trends In A Millennial Reality”.. by Iroska1 on April 2019 Style Syndicate NYC 2.0 and NPTSTUDIO take a look at one of Downtown Brooklyn’s prominent vintage boutiques, CATCISTA’S, located at 414 Marcus Garvey Brooklyn, New York. In the heart of Bed Stuy we take a moment […]

Back and better than ever..

NPTSTUDIO Nikki is back and better than ever.. RG Blog Edits by Edi Umana & Iroska1 of Style Syndicate NYC2.0 “She is a Queen.. Like the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes, Nikki is back and better than ever. She looks at herself, realizing what she’s been through. She reminds herself that she is […]

Let’s Talk Eye Glam!

Every woman needs that one pair of classic sunglasses. by Style Syndicate NYC 2.0 on January 18, 2019 Every woman needs that one pair of classic sunglasses, the “go to” pair. Shades tend to be the underdog of fashion accessories but, when done right, they can become a fashion statement. Let’s be honest we all […]

Hack Your Health Habits… By Nick Christophers

IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO BE AT AN IDEAL WEIGHT, HAVE TONS OF ENERGY AND FEEL GREAT? By Nick Christophers As the headline states, an impossible idea some would say, right? However, in her new book, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp “Hack Your Health Habits—Simple, Action-driven, Natural Health Solutions For People On The Go!” – asks that […]


         The distance from 45th Street in New York City to Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn is roughly seven-and-a-half miles. If one were to travel by vehicle across the great expansion of the Brooklyn Bridge to get there, it would take less than thirty minutes to reach their destination. The only thing that […]

A Cheat Guide to Making Every Outfit Killer On a Budget

If we are being completely honest, some of the top insults, low blows or “not so nice” things people tell me all the time are: You spend too much money on clothes Wow, you have a new outfit again I could never spend money like you do on clothes [Insert line about all the better […]

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