Let’s not fool ourselves. Most of us will always be tempted to compare something or someone else to another entity, if a point of reference to that person’s identity needs to be immediately established. This is especially true when it comes to the world of music-if a musical act, singular or collective, looks or sounds like an already existing one, it is a given that the comparisons are going to fly in all directions. If this all sounds very confusing, then consider the last two or three decades in the world of music, when the media was quick to pit the chameleon-like Madonna against Lady Gaga, The Backstreet Boys against ‘N Sync, Britney Spears against Christina Aguilera or even the late Amy Winehouse against Adele, there’s no denying the fact that most artists are going to be compared to one another. I believe you now get the picture.
That said, the latest sensation to erupt from the musical bowels of Sweden-the same scene responsible for giving the world ABBA and Ace of Base-is Emil & Daniel. Although they are reported to sound like “Shawn Mendes, Lukas Graham and Joel Adams,” the duo possesses their own signature sound which beautifully unites their talents with their individual, albeit, unique personalities. And with the recent release of their collaborative project, “Hurricane,” the pair is set to take the industry by storm.
Emil Molin and Daniel Mauricio come to the musical table with a wealth of experience and fortitude. Individually, they have worked with such established artists as Zara Larsson, Anouk and Loreen, giving them the upper hand and savvy to delve into this most recent adventure as a successful, creative alliance. Their individual backgrounds in the arts have provided them the valuable training to forge ahead as an exciting vitality in Sweden’s burgeoning music scene. Emil has performed in “Into The Woods” and “Motown,” while Daniel has graced the stages in “The Lion King” and “Chicago.” It was during a rehearsal of a musical production that the men’s paths crossed. Their friendship and working relationship blossomed, allowing them the opportunity to team up and eventually go into the studio to record “Hurricane.”
“Hurricane” was composed by Patrizia Helander (Zara Larsson), Anders Nilsson (Anouk), Simon Magnusson and Johannes Timander and produced by Lars Norgren (Tove Lo, Sabina Ddumba) and Carlyle Fernandes. With its heartfelt, emotional overtures, it resonates strongly with its listeners, especially that it is delivered by two, very gifted vocalists. There is no doubt, in this writer’s mind, that the song is destined for great things and is sure to be a hit with the public.
Emil Molin had this to say about “Hurricane”-
“It is awesome that people are so interested in this whole project, because we (he and Daniel) haven’t released anything before. Hopefully, “Hurricane” will be the first of many projects (for us). It will be a pretty cool journey to wander.”
It’s time for Emil and Daniel to lace up those trusty walking shoes because their “pretty cool journey to wander” has just begun, and by the sounds of it, “Hurricane” is going to launch them into the stratosphere.


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