EQ Channel -When The Night Comes – Review by Pamela Sanford


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                                                                EQ Channel at Dixon Place in NYC – When the Night Has Come

A Music Review by Pamela Sanford

Sunday, May 27th at Dixon Place Theater

EQ Channel executed her new music album, When the Night Has Come, soon to be released on June 21st. The album is a vivacious blend of Drama, EDM/Pop music, and Dance.

This idiosyncratic masterpiece soars through bravery, love, friendship, professional pursuits, healing, and uncorrupted fun. The opening act, “Fairytales”, unveiled the emancipation from cyclical lifestyle templates while paralleling the road to pursuing passions and self-fulfillment. Sprouting from real-life events, “Fairytales” features an upscale, professional female who courageously faces the present reality of her fragmented marriage. Her celebrated courage enables the persona to husk the shadows of traditional stereotypes and embrace the offering of liberation from a daunting and common future. Her revolution births “I Need You Baby” an exhibition of unapologetic resilience. Nothing shy of poetic in the justice awarded to the casualty of the failed union. A restorative moment in the production that screamed, “Failure is NOT Final” …and the pursuit of LOVE lives on!

EQ Channel explores the journey of organic self-examination through the dramatic demonstration, “Scars”. “Scars” magnifies the accumulation of life-wounds through the lense of an undying hope; clinging to suppressed dreams. Transformation is pivoted by “Love’s Happening”. It is the euphoric jaunt that eclipses the preceding struggles; offering fresh and present happiness. As life evolves, the necessity for balance becomes more and more evident. How does one achieve such equilibrium in the midst of intricate and delicate assemblies of the heart? EQ Channel responded with the gift of music and its magical power to stimulate uncorrupted fun-the master key to balance.
When the Night Has Come is a musical excursion of the multiple dimensions of our lives, aspirations, and experiences. It is a hidden treasure crossing generations and genres. This eclectic production is a crisp reflection of the reality of life.

When the Night Has Come preview is a rich culmination from Colombian Director, John Jairo Jaimes; Executive Producer, Louis Arcella; and Singer-Songwriter-Producer, EQ Channel. EQ Channel was accompanied by Silas Rosa from Multi-Arts Academy, Dancers: Kateryna Huretska, Valentina Munoz, Gabriela Nino, Kadiah Oghenede, and the Ballroom dancers from My Way Development Center, Ethan Hayutt, Anastasia Lepin, Samuel Strugatsky and Rebecca Trosman; along with a Debut from BabyBella (Friends) and a Debut from Laisha Torres (All What We Need) accompanied by Samantha Flora-Pineda, Emmanuel Torres, Valentina Munos, and Santiago Luna.

EQ Channel website: eqchannel.com

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