1. It is without doubt that Zhihua Hu is a multi-talented artist who never slows down when it comes to performing. Since her time in New York after she left her native China, she has graced the stages of Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. Her skills at the piano are without reproach as she has entertained Asian and American audiences. Only recently on March 12th of this year at the Merkin Hall she presented the show “THROUGH THE NOISE Contemporary Concert Series III — New Solo, Duet and Ensemble Works”. At that concert she presented her works Woman Who Wears Qipao Dress premiered by Feifei Yang (Erhu/Vocal), Chen Fan (Pipa), Wei Sun (Guzheng), Zhihua Hu herself (Piano) and Harmony — for Double Duetspremiered by Duo SORE | YURE from France (Iván Solano, Clarinet in B-Flat & Vocal; Yui Sakagoshi, Alto Saxophone & Vocal).

She also, without disappointing her audience performed on the piano the pieces “Une SecondeInfinie — for Solo Piano” composed by Iván Solano (Spain) and “Track One: Intro — for Double Piano” composed by James Diaz (Colombia), collaborating with pianist Kaiwei Zhi. In the same month she gave a performance in Brooklyn and in April she was a judge for the Semi-Final and the Final of “The New York Stars Children’s Talent Show Debut”.


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“I would like to thank all of my professors who were involved in educating me musically.  I want to thank the many artists and friends who worked very hard with me and helped my music to achieve success.  I would also like to thank my parents who always stood by me and supported my work.  Last but not least, I need to thank me for never doubting myself and never giving up on this musical journey.”

Zhihua did not come up for air as she prepared for more shows at various locations. In Japan her piece “Harmony — for Double Duets” at the RyogokuMonten Hall was presented by Duo SORE | YURE.  The following month she came out with her new project “Nine Tone Trio — for Two Players” (Clarinet in B-Flat, Hichiriki and Piano) with Americanclarinetist and hichiriki performer Thomas Piercy.  With all these works you would think she would be honored at some point?

Well it happened when her new album “From China, Asia to the West” came out this past August. The project is composed of ten works, twelve trackspersonally arranged by Zhihua Hu.  The album offers various compositions in a diverse format using piano solo and piano parts that she has performed and recorded.  The album was well received with much fanfare and won the “Global Music Awards” — Silver Metal Outstanding Achievement. This was complimented with the Classical Avant-Garde, Album, and Composition/Composer Awards.  In September of 2019 the album also was awarded as one of the “Top Ten Albums of Fall 2019” by “Global Music Awards”.

“My debut album “Music of Zhihua Hu” is comprised of four compositions in total including one solo piano work, two ensemble works and one symphony that I composed/performed. My second album “From China, Asia to the West” is comprised of ten compositions which mainly includes one solo piano work, one solo flute work and more ensemble works that I composed/performed in recent years. Moreover, the music from my new album covers more works which were composed by my own creative music theories and composing techniques “Compression Rhythm” and “Chinese Nine Tone Scale”.”

It is no surprise that so many people have noticed the musical genius of Zhihua Hu. On her upcoming calendar on October 25th, she is scheduled to work with American clarinetist and hichiriki performer Thomas Piercy again in concert “From Tokyo to New York” to present her new work “Autumn Wind – for Clarinet in B-Flat and Piano” in Bargemusic, Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York City. On November 2nd, she will work with an excellent group of Chinese and Western artists including Feifei Yang (Erhu/Vocal) , Thomas Piercy (Clarinet in B-Flat),  Yazhi Guo (Suona) and many Chinese and Western artists to present her works “Beautifully Decorated Se”, “Woman Who Wears Qipao Dress” and “Chinese and Western” at the Brooklyn Museum. On November 17th she is scheduled to work with Chinese Music Ensemble of New York and conductor Steven Fang Fei to present her Chinese ensemble work “The Fantasy of West Lake”. If you are a fan of classic music with a diverse twist, you need not look far. For multi-award-winning composer and pianist Zhihua Hu, she would be your best bet.  Her music can be found on many international music platforms including Amazon Music, Omega Music, Qobuz, Spotify, Yandex Music and YouTube, etc.

“In 2020, I hope to release and perform more new compositions, which may mix more music genres and continue to surprise my audiences and fans.  Yes, I do believe that life is like a long river and that it needs to be balanced. For my music, I think it is great and important to get my inspiration from my life experience. The best way for me to take a break is by sleeping or having a cup of coffee.”

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