When Joe turned 15 years old and began to master guitar is when he knew that music would become an intricate part of his life. He was most influenced by the rock legend Led Zeppelin as well as The Who, AC/DC, Pink Floyd etc. After he picked up the album “Led Zeppelin I” at age 17 he was determined to transcribe and play along with the riffs and lead guitar parts. Around the same time is when he rehearsed with band mates Mike, Dan and Steve Collins. Since then he has jammed and played live in many venues.


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He then put his thoughts to paper and began to develop lyrics with his first one being a surf tune entitled “Down The Line”.  Joe’s lyrics are peppered with elements from his background in science and physics similar in a way to how the famous band RUSH use to do with their work. In the late 90’s is when his band Liquid Phase was founded while he was studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics at Stony Brook University.

“I was on the Beach at Atlantic Terrace in Montauk, NY one day watching the Ocean waves advance and recede, and I was thinking about how at the front of each wave, there were all 3 phases of matter simultaneously all together at the extreme end point of each Ocean Wave, the Solid Phase Sand, the “Liquid Phase” Ocean, and the Gaseous Phase Air. The band name “Liquid Phase” to me certainly evokes the image of the 1960’s Psychedelic Art Movement!”

Joe who is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music has blended his work in theoretical physics into the fabric of the band’s image. He also had the pleasure of working with legendary Singer/Songwriter Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell. The band had the pleasure of rehearsing in Simon’s home studio in Montauk, Long Island.  While Joe and the band were there they had the pleasure of meeting members of the Texas group The New Bohemians. Brickell actually requested from Joe to write up what would his technical approach to playing lead guitar. This was a bit of a challenge to Joe but he managed to accomplish the assignment that also taught him more about his own approach to playing lead guitar over the rhythm guitar and keyboards in many different keys.

Another special moment for the band was opening for Lynyrd Skynrd and Slash. The band was the opening act at the 26th Annual “Ribfest” in 2013, which is an Annual Music Festival in Naperville, IL in a suburb of Chicago. The headliners were Slash, Lynyrd Skynryd, Rick Springfield and Styx and they played before Rick Springfield. It was an amazing experience for them and a feather in their hat.

Prior to the debut album being released they dropped the track “Bright Colors” which tells of the journey Joe took back and forth while he worked at the World Trade Center.

“I have always interjected Science into the Lyrics and themes of my Songs since I love Physics very much, the Song “Anyone Home” is about peaceful Alien’s from another Planet, the main character Kreia will be played by the Actress Tia Barr in Montauk, NY in May 2020, and this Planet was actually discovered on the Earth in July 1986 in the Atacama Desert in Chile. When I think of the Song “Bright Colors”, my first thought is that this represents the Visible Spectrum of Electromagnetic Radiation, and our Song “Waves” is certainly and obviously scientific as well. I think that the band “Rush” is amazing, and the Songs “Spirit of Radio”, “Subdivisions” and “Limelight” are among my favorites, and the fact that “Rush” is only a trio with such a high level of Rock ‘n’ Roll power still amazes me to this day!”


The band has played many venues across Long Island and has new shows coming up for 2020. At The Shagwong Tavern there will be an Acoustic duet of “Joe Coss & Kathryn McTeague” on April 23rdthen on May 7th the band will be playing a live show and filming their first short film “The Planet” at The Shagwong Tavern. The Film will be shot at several locations in Montauk, NY in addition to The Shagwong Tavern including the Air Force Radar Station at Camp Hero, John’s Drive-In, Puff “n” Putt, The Town Dock and The Montauk Manor. The project will star Tia Barr as the character Kreia, Jane Rock as Liara, Isabel Grubb as Kreia’s little sister Aurra, Joe Coss as himself and the band of course. In addition, Joe Coss & Kathryn McTeague will then also play eight Live Shows at the 11th Montauk Music Festival from Thursday, May 14th thru Sunday May 17th 2020. The band has already played all of the ten Montauk Music Festivals so far. Liquid Phase brings that old feel surf sound fused with an alternative rock jolt that makes it a welcome sound to all who come in contact with the band. To keep up with their upcoming show visit them at https://liquidphasemusic.com/

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