photo-courtesy of Shervin Lainez
 Photos Courtesy of Shervin Lainez

As a purveyor of life and all the riches it has to offer, one of the best things about it is the opportunity it has afforded me to travel east and land at LaGuardia Airport once, sometimes twice, a year. My annual excursion to New York City, which commences this spring, allows me to refresh and renew my soul, while having the chance to peruse favorite stomping grounds and important historical landmarks of the great Metropolis. When I’m there, I allow myself to be emerged in the whole New York State of Mind experience, visiting as many places as possible and spending quality time with my East Coast friends. While in Brooklyn, I will usually dine at Cataldo’s, after crossing the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge. You’d be hungry, too, if you traveled the long way, by foot, to get to this fine Italian restaurant establishment.


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Speaking of Brooklyn, there’s this certain musician, who resides and records there. His name is Michael Sackler-Berner, and he writes some of the most introspective, heartfelt gems-that is, when he’s not tearing up the stage with his brothers-in-arms, including bassist Andy Attanasio and drummer Liberty DeVitto in The Slim Kings. The lead singer of one of Brooklyn’s most renowned, popular bands, Michael has also composed some pretty spectacular songs that he and the Kings have performed throughout Manhattan, Long Island and upstate New York, including “Fine Line,” “This Badge Ain’t A Shield” and “Dirty Minds.” His music has also been prominently featured in such shows as “Nurse Jackie,” “Chicago Fire,” “Bloodline,” “Sons of Anarchy” and one of this writer’s all-time favorites, “Law & Order. His talents are not only entrenched in the arena of songwriting but are steeped in acting as well, where he has made appearances in television and films, including episodes of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “A Dog Year” with Jeff Bridges.

Michael was recently featured in Billboard (“Michael Sackler-Berner Details A Dysfunctional But Irresistible Relationship In ‘A Thousand Times’: Video Premiere”) where he had the chance to talk with Gary Graff about his upcoming album, Short Stories, and the video that was crafted for one of the songs included on the record. “A Thousand Times” is a bittersweet, poignant narrative that follows the trajectory of a couple, from childhood to their golden years, and reveals how their life-long relationship ebbs and flows throughout the course of their journey together and, sometimes, apart. Smartly constructed with “2D paper cutouts to illustrate their story,” artist/animator John David McGrew threads the visual dynamics of the two individuals, who, as much as their hearts and souls are entwined, demonstrate certain moments in their union that are idyllic but confirms the notion that love can be a battlefield. “A Thousand Times” is, undisputedly, one of his best-ever songs and a definitive one for the ages, as so many will relate that as much as we can love and live with someone, there are times we simply cannot.

Michael Sackler-Berner will be performing at Joe’s Pub, “his favorite venue in New York City,” on March 4th to celebrate the release of Short Stories and the song that is destined to touch the hearts of millions, “A Thousand Times.” If you are in NYC then, be sure and attend this concert, where you will have the chance to see what his fans have known for a very long time…he is truly a gift to music and a legend-in-the-making.

For more information, visit www.msbrecords.com



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