“Doing Lines With David Craig Ellis” – Brooklyn Artist Building on his talent with a new book by Nick Christophers

Brooklyn Artist David Craig Ellis Building on his talent with new book – “Doing Lines With David Craig Ellis” by Nick Christophers   When you pay a visit to the studio/gallery of David Craig Ellis, you must be prepared for creativity at its best. Travel to the basement like you’re descending into an illegal gambling […]

The Art and Soul of Timothy Link By Sandra Castillo

So many of the images are enigmatic dreamscapes encapsulated in a mind’s eye succinctly focused on the ethereal, otherworldly. Whether it’s a golden-haired enchantress atop a majestic stallion, illuminated by starlight, or a sensual vampire seduced by his own insatiable hunger for immortality, the Art of Timothy Link is beholden to a chimera graced with […]


Consider it sheer coincidence or synchronicity properly aligned with the timing of the assignment at hand. When this writer set out to ascertain the preliminary research needed to successfully establish my next article for RG Magazine, featuring renowned Beatles artist Shannon, imagine my surprise when the song “Hey Jude” erupted out of the speakers at […]

The Ease of Access By Jeff Musillo “A Must Read!” A review by Alex Montaldo

  A couple of weeks ago, a friend handed me a book and said ‘You should read this. It’s fantastic and incredibly entertaining’. That book was ‘The Ease of Access’ by Jeff Musillo. My friend, whose taste I trust completely, couldn’t have been more right! Matter of fact, The Ease of Access is fantastic and […]

Stages & Stereos //

In an age where music can so passively be consumed, it takes more than a catchy tune to grasp the attention of listeners. The growing awareness to deliver a complete package has begun to spark a resurgence of art back into the music community; with an attentive and creative eye being placed on the songs, […]

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