The constellation is filled with an infinite host of celestial bodies, their illumination awakening the darkness in a blanket of stars. As the otherworldly traveler crisscrosses the interplanetary providence, surrounded in its blinding, white light, she bravely sets out on the million-mile journey to reach her destination. Upon Earth’s entry, she descends, valiantly touches down, […]

THIS IS ANDRA DAY By Sandra Castillo

    There is a photograph of Stevie Wonder featured in a promo shot for an Apple holiday commercial, which aired last December. The expression on his face is jubilant, as he is looking in the direction of the one, whose dulcet, simmering voice fills up the room. Wonder’s emotional response to what he is […]

BIZARRE A/C 2 with G Tom Mac

  G Tom Mac with April Sheehan at  The Tropicana in Atlantic City NJ Friday the 13th 2014 Our own April Sheehan, Writer and Assistant Editor of RG Magazine just happened to have a copy of RG on her for G Tom Mac to check out and autograph the article she wrote about him. Not […]

RG Magazine Family help victims of Typhoon Haiyan with Really great items for auction on E bay 100% to Charity!

One thing all Really Great Artists have in common is their passion. Many think this is why so many great artists throughout the ages were often driven by madness (always excited about every new project) or worse to madness. I ask, how could anyone with the Soul of an Artist  look around at the world […]

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