Jocelyn Arndt – an interview by Danny Coleman

  “It’s a funny story actually,” says the dynamic Jocelyn Arndt. “We were playing in a band at the Fonda Fair. We were assigned to play the beer tent; which was kind of cool and we notice this guy wearing a really weird hat. We noticed that he was really paying a lot of attention […]

WORKING CLASS HUSSYS to release their new album DIESEL TUNES

Americana Infused Alternative Rockers WORKING CLASS HUSSYS  release  Songs About  Traveling   DIESEL TUNES  Available at and iTunes July 18, 2014 Working Class Hussys  is an eight member ensemble whose current vision is to bring the sound of three part vocal harmonies together with Ian’s strong lead vocal in a rock band setting. Two dueling lead guitars decorate the […]

Chasing Safety // Release Video for “We Believe”

Fresh starts come in a variety of forms, and are sometimes just the catalyst needed to propel an entity forward towards its ultimate goal. With every other affect in place, a name change was the last order of business for five musicians to be able to shed the past and present themselves to the world […]

Stages & Stereos //

In an age where music can so passively be consumed, it takes more than a catchy tune to grasp the attention of listeners. The growing awareness to deliver a complete package has begun to spark a resurgence of art back into the music community; with an attentive and creative eye being placed on the songs, […]

Mayday Parade // “Ghosts” Music Video

On the surface of songs, Mayday Parade is the band you want to turn up and dance around the house to; hoping that nobody comes home early & catches you. The deeper you dig with each listen, though, the more of a haunting impression they leave with you. Their latest record, Monsters in the Closet, […]

ICTH Interview with RG MAG

    RGM caught up with ITCH (over the phone) while he was in the recording studio in the UK. He sounded so upbeat and ready to roll so we asked ITCH a few questions and let him get back to doing what he does best, create songs. RGMAG: After watching the video of “Homeless […]


It was raining… And I mean a downpour… Lightening, thunder and black as night skies… And I decided that it was a perfect time to listen to the debut EP of the Brooklyn based, alternative band, Nursing Home. I settled in, held the computer on my lap, pushed play and closed my eyes… And in […]

Marlee Roberts Update

Marlee Roberts Exclusive Performance at Camplified 2012 July 2012 – Actress-singer Marlee Roberts is proud to join the Camplified 2012 summer tour with one exclusive performance! Performing with international pop band “Blush” and YouTube sensations Brandon and Savannah, Marlee will be rocking the Camplified 2012 summer stage on July 28th at Camp Matoaka, an all-girls […]

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