Roger Daltrey Performs The Who’s TOMMY with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic @ Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Bethel WoodsRoger Daltrey Performs The Who’s TOMMY with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic @ Bethel Woods Center for the Art A Review By Mike Martinez The summer concert season at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts opened with Roger Daltrey performing The Who’s masterwork Tommy accompanied by the Hudson Valley Philharmonic on June 8, 2018.   The […]

EQ Channel -When The Night Comes – Review by Pamela Sanford

                                                                    EQ Channel at Dixon Place in NYC – When the Night Has Come A Music Review by Pamela Sanford Sunday, May […]

ACTRESS TINA JETTER by Nick Christophers

YOUNG ACTRESS TINA JETTER CONTINUES HER RISE IN THE FILM WORLD WITH AWARD WINNING FILM by Nick Christophers   Tina has devoted her time and energy to the acting / producing game for a while. Her credits run from 2004 to the present. Tina’s desire to be in front of the camera and behind it […]


If there’s one thing in life guaranteed to happen, when one is present the moment comedian Tony Walker parts his lips to speak, there will be laughter. Lots and lots of it. Just one glance of the furrowed brow arching over the “menacing” stare, which is sure to disarm even the most skeptical, jaded of […]


Tina Jetter is at it again with a gripping tale that is due to take a bite out the industry. In her new project she is not only acting but directing the film “Saving You, Saving Me”. The new project is also co-directed by Marc I. Daniels. The story follows a young lady who is […]

The Coming of Antichrist at The American Theater of Actors-a review by Michael Elias

Blondie & Garbage at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts by Michael Martinez

The Rage and Rapture Tour July 29, 2017   The pairing of punk / new wave innovators Blondie with power pop / alt-rock masters Garbage for the Rage and Rapture Tour seemed like the perfect concert for someone who at different times in their lives has had crushes on the singers in both groups. I […]

Ben Rosenblum w/ Curtis Lundy and Billy Hart – A Review by Fred Stal

Mezzrow in New York City – 5/21/17 Music, and more specifically, JAZZ is very much alive and well in New York. The thriving, young, and talented jazz pianist Ben Rosenblum delivered an inspired and focused performance at the intimate Mezzrow jazz club. Nestled in the famous Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City, Mezzrow provided […]


…and on the eighth day, the rafters of Heaven opened up to shake loose the thunder which came to this Earth as the back beat of Rock N’ Roll. One cannot assume that music, with all its glorious, unpredictable fury, is always safe in the hands of the one who pounds away on an instrument […]

Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen – Poet & Motivational Speaker By Nick Christophers

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and POET INSPIRES OTHERS TO EXPOSE THEIR INNER TALENT by Nick Christophers was blessed with a gift that she did not realize till a later time in her life. She grew up in her sister’s shadow believing that the ideal woman needed to be thin with straight blonde hair. Shalhavit had darker skin […]

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